is a beach-town set in a small cove on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the State of Nayarit. It is located about 90 kilometers (62 mi) north of Puerto Vallarta. The name means "where there are shrimp" in Náhuatl, and is part of the coastline known as the Riviera Nayarit. The population consists of approximately 400 full-time residents, but can swell to over 1000 during Mexico's most popular vacation periods such as Semana Santa, (Easter Week) and Christmas. Chacala is known for its landscape and unhurried lifestyle


The beach of Chacala, a little short of a mile, is the perfect destination for those looking to get away from the noise, pollution and crowds. At Chacala, visitors will find peacefulness.


It's fine golden sand, the calm waters and the abundant vegetation, which includes palm, mahogany and fruit trees, make it one of the most beautiful destinations in Nayarit's coast. Visitors come here to relax, swim, snorkel and enjoy the landscape. Those exploring the jungle will be able to see a great variety of birds, beavers, badgers, armadillos, ocelots and other species.

The charm of this coastal town circles around the natural attractions, the hospitality of its people and their efforts to conserve the natural environment. Furthermore, this area is a model of sustainable tourism projects. Many families rent a room in their homes to visitors; it is a very popular lodging option that allows visitors to get close to the local traditions and to experience exquisite homemade fresh seafood dishes.

During the season 
there  are activities such as live Salsa at Chac Mool, a Cultural market at the plaza on Saturdays, whale watching from December through February and in March the Chacala Music Festival.